775 Media Corp. aims to provide thought-provoking and innovative content, capturing our cultural and historical essence, through film, television, and new media.


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775 Media Corp. is a Calgary-based film, television, and new media production company. We aim to provide unexampled entertainment, capturing our historical and cultural essence, with a global audience.


    Laurie Venning is an accomplished businessman with over 25 years of senior executive experience and business leadership. He is the original founder of Regent Energy Group Ltd. and its technology. Mr. Venning has vast experience in the fabrication and manufacture of oilfield drilling equipment and sand control manufacturing equipment. Mr. Venning is currently the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the VennWest group of companies, which include VennWest Global Technologies Inc., VennTertainment Corp. and EnerTrade International Ltd. The VennWest group has a number of interests in the movie, television and music entertainment businesses. Mr. Venning is the Chairman of 775 Media Corp. Through its investment in Distraction Wear Inc., the VennWest group is uniquely positioned in the fashion industry. In addition, VennWest’s subsidiary, EnerTrade, provides international oil and gas and energy trading solutions to various customers, clients and counterparties primarily based in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In an effort to fund and support medical and scientific research into the causes, treatment and cure of autoimmune diseases, Mr. Venning established the Vista Peak and Praespero Foundations.




    Known primarily for his work as an actor both nationally and internationally (BLACKSTONE, Penny Dreadful, Hell On Wheels, An Klondike) Julian’s 12-year career has spanned to encompass writing, directing and producing on over 16 independent short films and video documentary’s, with his most recent co-producing endeavor on the full length feature film Empyrean (2016). Growing up near the Blood reserve in Southern Alberta Julian moved back to Alberta after a 10-year stint in the music business and got his first break in the film and television arena on Stephen Spielberg’s 6-part miniseries Into The West (2005). This production would prove pivotal to his Hands on approach transition to a career not just as an actor but also open the doors to work as a stunt performer and capitalize on opportunities to work in a variety of other key production capacities that were specifically sought out in order to help round out and obtain a comprehensive working knowledge of all aspects of the film and television industry. In 2007 he wrote and produced his first broadcast concept Tribal Quest which was successfully accepted for development for the aboriginal people’s television network (APTN) and continues to present day to grow his self-taught skills in front of and behind the camera, making him a strong and valuable asset to film and television production and creative development




    Michael is an award-winning producer and director whose body of work includes shorts, commercials, reality tv, music videos, documentaries, scripted series (Tiny Plastic Men, Wilmore Boys) and the feature comedy, Lloyd the Conquerer (2012). His films have been featured in over 75 film festivals worldwide. He completed the 2013 Canadian Film Centre’s Directors Lab, in which he was one of only six directors chosen from across Canada. He holds a BA with Honours from York University in Communications Studies and Humanities. His Masters of Arts from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill concentrated in documentary film theory and practice and also consisted of working with many local independent and PBS documentary producers and directors. Using the skills he learned from mentoring with these various filmmakers he applied them to his own 52-minute documentary about the first combat active US soldiers to enter WWII, “Robinson’s Red Raiders: The Story of the 22nd.” As a result of his quality work and stellar grades Michael won an internship in Hollywood, California with legendary director Ridley Scott’s development company, Scott Free Productions. Michael more recently was a co-producer on the upcoming feature film Drawing Home, which stars Kate Mulgrew. Michael can be easily spotted by his trademark plaid shirts.



  • SARAH MOORE Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Administration

    Sarah, known to her colleagues as the “mama bear”, has over 25 years experience in the corporate environment. Sarah’s extensive career has spanned across office management, marketing, human resources, and finance, eventually leading to her involvement in the film and television industry. While serving as the Marketing Coordinator for the Howard Mackie law firm, Sarah was the production coordinator for the televised CIAU Award Show, in both 2007 and 2008. This gave her the practical hands-on experience she still relies on as an Executive Vice President for 775 Media Corp. Sarah is known for making the team around her, her most valuable asset.


    Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Administration

  • Devra Moore

    Executive Assistant

our projects
Knuckleball Feature Film

Alone - and targeted - on an isolated farm, 12 year old Henry finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror, and a dark family legacy, when his secretive grandfather dies suddenly in the night.

Fake Blood Docu-Thriller

Rob Grant and Mike Kovac receive a disturbing fan video inspired by their previous horror movie, Mon Ami, motivating them to investigate the responsibility of filmmakers in portraying violence in movies. In their pursuit of the truth they are unwittingly introduced to the real world of violent criminals and their victims.

Trickster Tales Animation Series

Bored with responsibility an immortal shape-shifting being sets out for some long overdue self-indulgent adventure among the four races of man.

Inspired by true events, residential school survivor Jacob Wematim struggles to hang onto his land and indigenous identity as his personal demons resurface and manifest in the form of the Wendigo spirit.

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